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«Individual and group shooting courses»
Are you dreaming of learning how to shoot a handgun? Make your dream come true – sign up for a basic handgun shooting course at one of the best schools in the capital. This training course at SIG Group Ukraine opens the way for regular training in the shooting club.
About Us
SIG Group Ukraine is the first Ukrainian company that has passed international certification and renders training services in handling weapons according to standards approved by the Australian Department of Education.

The course Handgun Orientation is suitable for:
➤ beginners who have never handled a firearm but want to learn how to shoot;
➤ people who already have certain handgun skills but want to update their knowledge and make a breakthrough in shooting training;
➤ those wishing to "blow off steam", feel adrenaline in their blood.

If I have bought a gun, am I protected?
No, you are not if you do not know how to use it masterfully!
Guns do not protect you, but you can protect yourself with guns.

What do I get with this course?
On this course, we will take you through how weapons are used in sports and in practice, introduce you to weapons safety rules and teach you basic handling skills.
We will teach you how to accurately hit the target, efficiently do shooting drills and complete real tasks that may confront you.
You will learn how to keep yourself and others safe when you handle weapons.
Firing modern military-grade weapons is interesting and exciting, not to mention triggering an adrenaline rush no less than extreme sports.
We invite shooting enthusiasts to our shooting club that offers modern military-grade weapons, experienced instructors, adrenaline and lots of fun!
Military personnel, law enforcement officers, security officers.
With us you can hone your shooting skills and keep them at the highest level.
Want to become a professional? Join us!
The basic handgun shooting course (Handgun Orientation) is the hallmark of SIG Group Ukraine. Our specialists have invested in this course the knowledge and experience that they have accumulated over the years while studying and teaching the shooting art. The program of our training course has become even more interesting, balanced and effective thanks to cooperation with foreign specialists and adherence to the teaching standards approved by the Ministry of Education in Australia.

For the moment we have over 1,500 satisfied customers who have already completed the basic handgun shooting course (Handgun Orientation).

Our team views shooting as a trade, skill and mastery.

For us shooting is a skill that we practice on a daily basis.

What you will learn

You will learn the basics of shooting art with us:

- Safe handling of the weapon.

- Fundamental shooting skills: shooting stance, gripping, aiming, performing an aimed shot, etc.

- Basic skills of work with the weapon - aiming the weapon precisely at the target, drawing the weapon from the holster.

- The basics of executing a series of fast and accurate shots.

You will also reinforce the basic shooting elements to the level of a primary skill.

Number of cartridges

50 pieces

Number of instruction hours

The entire basic handgun shooting course will take you 1 day - 1 lesson - 5 hours (2 hours - theory, 3 hours - practice).

The SIG Group Ukraine instructors will gladly share their knowledge with the students. Try one lesson of the "Basic handgun" course and then decide whether this experience will be limited to one lesson or it will grow into a passion for shooting. To get more details call 38(067) 648 23 96, e-mail us to siggroupua@gmail.com or apply via the club website.

This course is available on weekends
Upcoming dates: February 26

February 26
  • Course duration - 1 day
  • Between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Theoretical weapons training
  • Shootingdrill Important!
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must wear comfortable pants with belt loops, comfortable closed shoes and outerwear
  • Have a passport with you
  • Weapon permit (if available)
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How to become a club member?
To become a club member, you need:
  1. Come to the shooting club 15 minutes before the training starts
  2. Fill out an application
  3. Make a one-off contribution
You must have a passport, TIN certificate and 3 photos with you.
SIG Group Ukraine provides its students a handgun - Glock 17.

The Glock 17 is an Austrian handgun manufactured by Glock for the Austrian Bundesger (Austrian Armed Forces). Due to its fighting qualities, light weight, stability and reliability the handgun has gained popularity as a weapon permitted and used for self-defense.

Peculiar feature - no safety lock and trigger; the handgun is equipped with a "safe action" trigger (ie, the shot will not be fired until the trigger is fully pressed).

You can also take training courses on handling a carbine, pump-action shotgun or sniper rifle in our school.
Trainings are delivered by the most experienced instructors who are certified according to international standards.
Dmytro Teslia
Director at SIG GROUP Ukraine
Lifar Vitaly
Instructor at SIG GROUP Ukraine
Oleksandr Antipov
Instructor at SIG GROUP Ukraine
Shooting Range Instructor at the National Guard of Ukraine.
Instructor at SIG Group Ukraine.
When you learn from innovative shooting professionals
Basic Handgun Skills Course
Suitable for amateurs and professionals!

Master Class with Ray Mancini, a Professional of International Level

Game of Heroes: Shooting & Fitness

Free TAXI from metro Shuliavskaya
Free taxi for clients who have purchased any course from Shuliavskaya metro station to our shooting range.
From those who have already taken the course
John Wick

Show that you are the best!
Unusual gift for loved ones!
If you want to make an unusual gift to a friend, colleague or loved one, you can buy our gift certificate that allows for visiting our shooting club.

Certificate cost — 4 199 UAH.
Discount for the second course 5%
We provide everyone who completed training with us
a 5% discount on the second course.
The following courses aim to improve your shooting skills and career development:
Practical Pistol Course
This is the next course of handgun series. Suitable for cadets who have completed the basic course and want to keep learning.
Protective Tactical Handgun Course
Participants will get broader shooting skills aimed at developing defensive tactics in using semi- automatic pistols for private armed guards and law enforcement agencies.
Dynamic Pistol Shooting Course
During this course, you will learn how to shoot on the move, hit dynamic targets and control your body during dynamic shooting.
Concealed Carry
During this course, you will learn solid protection basics and gun handling in case of concealed carry for personal protection.
Low Visibility Conditions
During this course, you will learn solid protection basics and gun handling in low visibility conditions for personal protection.
We have trained over 1500 students
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We will be happy to answer all your questions:
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E-mail: siggroupua@gmail.com
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Individual and group shooting courses
Your personal data will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
Your personal data will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
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